Born and raised in the Bronx, and a graduate of the High School of Art and Design I have always had a knack for creating. What started as doodles in a sketchpad quickly transformed into majoring in illustration in high school. What grew out of that was an appreciation for all creative disciplines. Throughout high school, I taught myself photography, then later video production. I struggled with the choice of which skillset to pursue in college, then I discovered Graphic Design, and it's potential to integrate my many talents.

Currently, I am in my senior year studying full-time at the New York City College of Technology and Brand Ambassador at Thursday Boots Company. When I’m not busy working I enjoy Citi-biking around Manhattan, visiting museums, listening to podcasts and finding coffee shops to read/study in.

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Still wanna know more?

Here are some quick *fun* facts about myself

My favorite good movie: Inglorious Basterds

My favorite bad movie: Hardcore Henry

My favorite TV show: Mr. Robot, (honorable mention to Big Brother)

My biggest pet peeve: People who walk in bike lanes.

Currently Reading: Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Pineapples on pizza? Absolutely not.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs, despite being the proud owner of three cats.

If I could swap voices with anyone it would be: Bill Kurtis

I'm running low on: space to put stuff on my walls, store my unread New Yorkers, and matching pairs of socks.

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