Huy Fong Foods

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha sauce. So much so, that even the founder, David Tran, himself doesn’t know it all. Like where it’s being sold or what his exact sale’s numbers are. But there is one thing he does know and it's sauce.



OOH Posters







Sriracha's fans already do a  lot of free advertising for the brand, through word of mouth, art, and even tattoos. Who's to say they won't do it for thrill and insta-clout? No place is off-limits, so naturally, the posters will probably end up in some strange places. The gas station bathroom, a doctor’s office, in the changing room at Macy’s, all fair game.





 a rigorous online test for those who know sauce as well as  Huy Fong does.



Successful graduates will a diploma, bragging rights, and access to purchase a limited-edition “I know sauce” T-shirt.