Roles: Art Direction / Copywriting / Branding / UI Design

About: Poddle is an app dedicated to better podcast discovery and discussion. I concepted, designed, and branded it for my senior project.

There are over 700,000 podcasts available, and finding a good one is difficult. If you do find a good podcast, chances are you wanna be able to talk about it with other people, but there's no integrated online platform discuss those podcasts. This is what Poddle is the answer to.




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Poddle will leverage the followings of known podcasts hosts and influencers to get their fans to listen to their shows on Poddle where they can more deeply engage with them and their content.

Poddle Instagram Content

Poddle’s instagram will strategically create posts that encourage users to start discussions on Poddle by featuring top news stories, and comments from poddle users.

Facebook Contest Campaign

Poddle will target Facebook users who listen to podcasts with the propositon of helping their friends have more interesting conversations, since podcasts cover a wide array of interesting topics. Those who accept the challenge will be entered into a giveaway to attend a live podcast show (Poddle IRL), with each friend referred counting as one entry to the contest.

Brand Partnership & Product Extension

Learning new things is an integral part of listening to podcasts and a leading motivation for podcast listeners. Poddle’s brand conveys multiple themes of water and wit. Which is why Poddle will partner with Smartwater to release a limited run of Poddlewater bottles.

Experiential: Poddle IRL

Poddle’s mission is to bring podcasts to life in a way no app has done previously. To bring to Poddle experience to real life Poddle will sponsor and brand live podcast events (Poddle IRL.) When the event is finished the recording of the show will be exclusively available on Poddle. 

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